1817 Hindoostan

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By: John Thomson

Date: 1817 (published) Edinburgh

Dimensions: 18 x 15.5 inches (45.7 x 39.3 cm)

This is an extensive map of Hindoostan (India) from Lahore province in the north to the island of Ceylon (Sri Lanka) in the south with an inset lower right. Also included in the northern portion of the map is the country of Tibet, the “Desert of Cobi,” (Gobi Desert) and a portion of eastern Persia. The map is absolutely filled with towns and larger cities, giving a great visual representation of the high population of India, which at the time the map was made topped 200 million people, which was roughly 20% of the total world population.

John Thomson (1777-1840) was a Scottish cartographer based out of Edinburgh who is most well-known for his 1817 New General Atlas. This monumental work provided maps of great detail for nearly every country and island across the world. While other map makers would fill empty and unknown spaces with vignettes and geographical assumptions, Thompson elected to leave such spaces void of any uncertain cartography.

Condition: This map is in A condition with original color on heavy paper and full margins. A vertical fold to the right of the centerfold is apparent.

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