1614 [Untitled map of southern Asia and the Indian Ocean]

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By: William Hole

Date: 1614 (Published) London

Dimensions: 9.8 x 14.96 inches (25 cm x 38 cm)

This lovely map extends from Anatolia eastward all the way to China, including Arabia, Persia, India, Malaya, and Sumatra. The shape of the Indian peninsula is shown as roughly triangular, not reflecting more accurate knowledge of the region. Also shown are Egypt and the horn of Africa with the northern end of Madagascar. An extended mountain chain is identified as Ararat and Noah’s Ark (“The Arck”) is shown in Central Asia. Numerous major cities are marked in red, combine contemporary ports such as Aden, Goa, and Calecut with historical Babilon and Bactria. Five cities named Alexandria are shown. In two places long lines of marching soldiers with spears are labeled, “The Passage of Nimrod” (a reference to the Biblical ruler of Babel who built Nineveh), and “The passage of Ophir & Hauilah into India” (also figures in the Bible).

Condition: Small area of foxing in the area of the Euphrates River and a minor hole in northwest Turkey.

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