1672 Insula Ceylan, olim Taprobana; nunc incolis Lankawn.

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By: Philippus Baldaeus

Date: 1672 (circa) Amsterdam

Dimensions: 11.4 x 15.4 inches (29 cm x 39 cm)

This interesting map by Baldeus is a strong clear print oriented with east at the top. Hills, forests, palm groves, rivers, and towns are marked, but not roads. Adam’s Peak and the walled town of Kandy (Candy) are prominent. Depth soundings are given along all coasts. At the south end of the island are shown three elephants and a small figure running with a stick behind them. Small islands west of the Jaffna Peninsula are named Amsterdam, Leyden, Middelburgh, Delft, Enckhuysen, and Hoorn. Pearl banks appear south of the Island of Mannar (“Manaer”) off the northwest coast. The decorative title cartouche is in the upper left quadrant and in the lower right is a compass rose radiating rhumb lines.

Condition: The map is in good condition with toning around the edges.

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