1795 A Map of the Peninsula of India, from the 19th degree north latitude to Cape Comorin MDCCXCII

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By: William Faden

Date: 1795 (dated) London

Dimensions: 38.6 x 31.9 inches (98 x 81 cm)

This splendid two sheet map is one of the most detailed maps of the southern portion of India of its time. It extends from Bombay (Mumbai), across to Ahmednagar, Nanded, and Nirmal, and the south side of the Godavari River to its delta, south to Kanyakumari and the northern third of Ceylon. Shading of mountains and seacoast resembles the acquatint process. The title cartouche in the lower left of bottom section has notes stating sources of information including “Compiled chiefly from Papers commissioned by the late Sir Archd Campbell , the Surveys of Col. Kelly, Capt. Pringle, Captain Allan &c.”

Condition: Excellent.

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