1729 Carte du Golfe de Bengale, Mer des Indes et Riviere du Gange, Avec les Païs et Iles d’alentour. Savoir les Côtes de Malabar, Cormandel, Ile de Ceylon, les Maldives, les Roiaumes de Visiapour, Golconda, Guzaratte, etc.

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By: Pierre Vander Aa,

Date: 1729 (published) Leiden

Dimensions: 11 x 13.6 inches (28 x 34.5 cm)

This marvelous map details the southern part of India, Ceylon, and the Maldives. A rectangular picture frame cartouche can be found in the lower right. Depth soundings are given along the east coast. The map indicates a few internal towns, but focuses more on ports and regional boundaries.

Condition: Very good condition with no major problems. Map appears evenly darkened with age.

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