1766 Carte réduite de la Presque Isle de l’Inde.Contenant les Costes depuis Cambaye jusqu’aux Bouches du Gange…

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By: Jacques-Nicolas Bellin

Date: 1795 (dated) Paris

Dimensions: 23.6 x 33.7 inches (60 x 85.5 cm)

This map was produced for French vessels by the Ministry of the Marine (Navy) with symbol of the Royal French Navy (“Dépôt de la Marine” over an anchor surrounded by the initials “R.” and “F.”) and has an oval red stamp with the British Lion and Unicorn arms with crown over which is “Military Depot,” possibly as the result of having been captured. It presents mountains, rivers, and towns, as well as noting foreign trade settlements (French, English, Dutch, Portuguese, and Danish). Some interior roads are shown on the southeast coast as far south as Tiruchirapalli and from the Krishna Delta via Golconda (Hyderabad) up northwest to Surat and Berhampur.

Condition: An exceptional impression with a very small piece of lower right corner missing, far outside the map margin.

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