37) Soria et Terra Santa Nvova Tavola

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By: Girolamo Ruscelli][Ruscelli’s translation of Ptolemy’s Geographia] [Published by Vincenzo Valgrisi)

Date: 1561-1564 (Published) Venice

Dimensions: 7 x 9.45 inches (18 cm x 24 cm)

This map of Syria and the Holy Land also shows Cyprus and the northeastern end of the Mediterranean Sea. Bodies of water are shaded with light stippling. Among the rivers are the Jordan, the Orontes, the Tigris, and Euphrates. Mountains are indicated schematically, and a few are named. Regions of some Israelite tribes are also shown, such as Gad, Ruben, Efrain, Manasse, Iuda, Asir, Nettalim. A user has underlined in ink Ierusalem, Betlem, and Nazaret. In the region of present-day southwestern Syria is a place marked “Sepulcro Giob” (Tomb of Job). On the reverse side is a chapter headed “Della Soria et Terra Santa, Terza Tavola Nvova D’Asia.” Text in Italian.

Condition: Repair to small area in the bottom of the center fold, just entering the margin but not the map itself. Spot of foxing in lower right margin.

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