30) Guinea (under heading: Descriptio Gvineæ.)

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By: Petrus Kerius 

Date: 1618 (Published) Amsterdam

Dimensions: 3.5 x 5.1 inches (9 cm x 13 cm)

This intriguing small map is a highly decorative calligraphied page from a Latin edition of a miniature atlas, probably Tabularum Geographicarum, published in 1618. Depicts West Africa from Senegal to the Bight of Biafra. Lovely title cartouche surrounds the word “Guinea.” On the reverse, page 651, is a section of text in Latin headed by Descriptio Regni Tvnetani (Description of the Kingdom of Tunisia).

Condition: Very good condition with a small faded ink stain on left margin and in Sierra Leone.

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