1718 Tabula topographica Athenarum Veterum et Novarum Autore Fr. Vincentio Coronelli, Ord. Min. et Cosmographo Veneto, recusa a C. Weigelio Norimb. C. Priv. SCM

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By: Johann Christoph Weigel

Date: 1718 circa (Published) Nuremberg

Dimensions: 12.5 x 15.25 inches (31.75 cm x 38.74 cm)

This remarkable authentic antique hand-colored map depicts Athens in the early 18th century. All major edifices are represented and labeled, as are the ancient walls which encircled the city (along with many of its gates), remains of which still existed at the time the map was published.

The river Ilisos, now almost entirely underground, flows near the map’s lower border and the bridges of that time are clearly delineated. The luscious green of the hand coloring invites a leisurely stroll among the ruins. A beautiful map, ideal for lovers of antiquity.

Condition: The print is in B+ condition with light toning in places. Archival tape for reinforcement has been added to the center fold on the verso.

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