1720 Vindelicia, Rhetia et Noricum

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Vindelicia, Rhetia et Noricum

By: Johann Christoph Weigel

Date: 1720 (Published) Nuremberg

Dimensions: 12.13 x 15.25 inches (30.8 cm x 39 cm)

This authentic antique hand-colored map depicts ancient Vindelicia, Rhetia and Noricum, or parts of present-day Switzerland, Austria and Bavaria, territories between Germany on the north and Italy and the Adriatic on the south. Geographic and topographic sites are designated.

The title cartouche in the lower left quadrant is on a broken tabula situated in front of an Alpine scene.

Condition: The print is in C+ condition with toning and foxing in places. Archival tape for reinforcement has been added to the center fold on the verso needs replacement.

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