1931 Island of Oahu

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By: Ruth Taylor White

Date: 1931 (Published) Boston

Dimensions: 11.25 x 14.75 inches (28.58 cm x 37.5 cm)

This vibrantly colorful and decorative pictorial map issued by the Hawaii Tourist Bureau of Honolulu of the Island of Oahu is done in a whimsical, humorous style reminiscent of the works of Jo Mora’s work of the same era. The island is peopled with cartoonish characters who symbolize the various industries, agricultural enterprises, military bases, leisure activities, sports, etc., which are available on the island. The mountainous terrain of the island is depicted pictorially.

A cartouche beneath the title contains the author’s sentiments regarding Oahu: “This Cartograph is lined and colored to the thrills that greeted me when I first touched the Hawaiian Islands some 2000 miles from America’s western edge, at the ‘Crossroads of the Pacific.’ In the sun-filled corners of this island of Oahu you’ll find, as I did, a lifetime of high adventure.”

Condition: This brightly colored lithograph is in C+ condition. Separations which enter the image have been repaired with archival material, discoloration has occurred around the perimeter of the image.

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