1878 / 1900 Lanai

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By: Walter E. Wall & Fred Harvey

Date: 1878 / 1900 (dated)

Dimensions: 28 x 34.5 inches (71.1 cm x 87.6 cm)

This is a spectacular, large color lithograph map of the island of Lanai, located just west of Maui in the Hawaiian Island chain. The original cartographic work for this map was created during the Hawaiian Monarchy. This map (based on the 1878 original) was prepared for the 1900 Report of the Governor of the Territory of Hawaii to the Secretary of the Interior. The purpose of this map and the report was to evaluate the potential for development within the newly created Hawaiian Territory. The map focuses on public lands, homestead settlements, land for grazing, pineapple and sugar plantations, forest preserves, and locates harbors, rocks, anchorages, school house, village, and peaks with elevations.

The map notes in the lower left, that the lands comprising the public domain are now classified as public lands. Formerly, they were of two classes, the Crown lands (yellow) and the Government lands (green). The Crown lands were reserved by King Kamehameha III for his private use in the great division of 1848 and are now part of the public domain. The boundaries are the same as was designated in 1848.

Condition: This map is in A condition with some browning along the folds, but virtually no separations worth noting. The map exhibits exceptional green and yellow coloring, over a strong impression with ample margins all around for framing.

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