1680 Nova et Accurata Brasillae totius Tabula Auctore Ioanne Blaev IF.

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By: Johannes Blaeu

Date: 1680 (Published) Amsterdam.

Dimensions: 23 x 19.5 inches (58.42 x 49.53 cm).

This is an authentic, antique map of Brazil which was published by Johannes Blaeu in 1662. It first appeared in later editions of Bleau’s Atlas Maior, and was reissued by Peter Schenk, who acquired many of Blaeu’s plates.

This rare map divides Brazil into Captaincies, which were the administrative regions created by the Portuguese government. These lands were originally granted to noblemen by the Portuguese Crown, and passed from father to son until the Portuguese government abolished the heritability of Captaincies in the 18th century. Here, each Captaincy is richly described, and major cities, rivers, ports, and nearby islands are all noted.

The map is also nicely decorated with original coloring. The title cartouche is surrounded by cherubs and a river god, while sailing ships adorn the coast.

Condition: This map is in A condition, with original coloring, a vertical centerfold, and some discoloration on the margins.

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