1898 Railway Terminal Map of Chicago

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By: Rand McNally & Co.

Date: 1898 (dated)

Dimensions: 26 x 19.25 inches (66 x 48.9 cm)

The is a large clean map of Chicago focused on railroad lines and terminals throughout the area. The main map shows Chicago and its surrounding area while the insert focuses on a near two mile radius around downtown Lake Park. One interesting aspect of this map are the old Indian Boundary lines established in 1816 when the Fox and Sauk tribes ceded land to the U.S. at the treaty of St Louis. The boundary lines are angled southwest from the lake and run parallel to each other spaced 20 miles apart.

The reverse of this map features graphs and charts on data from population freight traffic and railroad lines to name a few. This is a truly informational and eye pleasing map perfect for anyone with an interest in Chicago history.

Condition:  Map is in A condition with excellent color and some minor damage to the edges.

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