1740 Carte de Moscovie dresse par G. de L'Isle…

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By: G. De L’Isle / Covens & Mortier

Date: 1740 (published) Amsterdam

Dimensions: 19.25 x 24.25 inches (48.9 x 61.6 cm)

This is an authentic antique map of the western portion of Russia, centered over Moscow. The map was published by Covens & Mortier out of Amsterdam circa 1740.

This decorative two sheet map centers on Moscow (shown near the top of the lower sheet) and spans from the Sea of Azov in the south to the White Sea in the north. The top portion of the map includes St. Petersburg just west of Lake Ladoga and portions of southern Finland. The map is colored by the regional borders within Russia and loaded with detail consisting of physical geography, the locations of town and cities, and the delineation of what few roads connected the country.

Condition: Map is in A condition, with no marginal tears, and exceptional original coloring. The map comes as two sheets that have not been joined.

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