1703 Carte de la Terre Ferme du Perou, du Perou, Du Bresil, et du Pays des Amazons / Carte du Paraguay du Chili du Detroit De Magellan &c. . . .

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By: Guillaume De L'Isle

Date: 1703 (published) Paris

Dimensions: 38 x 25.5 inches (96.52cm x 64.77 cm)

This is an authentic, antique two sheet map of South America by Guillaume De L’Isle. It was published in Paris in the year 1703.

This map of South America is very detailed, heavily annotated, and even includes routes of 17th century European explorers. Such high quality is typical of De L’Isle, who was known for his methodical approach to map making. His map of South America is exceptionally accurate for the early 18th century. He omits the fictitious Lake Parime that many people believed to exist, and offers detailed depictions of the Andes Mountains and Amazon River that surpass the efforts of his contemporaries.

In addition, each sheet is adorned with a decorative cartouche that bears the title of the map and its publication information. One of the cartouches shows the Sun and a pair of women dressed as soldiers, while the other depicts a native boating and village scene.

Condition: The maps are in A condition with complete margins and rich hand coloring.

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