1640 Natolia quae olim Asia Minor

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By: Willem Janszoon Blaeu

Date: 1640 (circa) Amsterdam

Dimensions: 15 x 19.75 inches (38.1 x 50.2 cm)

This is an authentic antique map of Asia Minor that includes Cyprus and the Aegean Islands by Willem Blaeu. The map was published in Amsterdam circa 1640.

This decorative map of Asia Minor extends from the Euphrates River to the Aegean Islands and from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean. Included in the map are the islands of Cyprus, Crete, Rhodes and the cities of Antioch, Troy, and Constantinople. The region has been a focal point of history, from the Paleolithic Era, through the Bronze Age, the Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman, and Armenian Empires, present day Turkey has enough history for a lifetime of study.

The map is crowned with a title cartouche flanked by two cherubs and includes vignettes of sailing ships, a sea battle, and sea monsters. A figure holding a distance scale showing German miles adorns the lower right corner of the map.

Condition: Map is in B+ condition with a minor paper just right of the centerfold that has been reinforced on the verso. The map exhibits a fine impression, lovely hand coloring, and full margins.

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