1848 Map of Oregon and Upper California From the Surveys of John Charles Fremont

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By: Charles Preuss

Date: 1848 (Published) Baltimore

Dimensions: 33 x 26.25 inches (83.8 x 66.7 cm)

This map is one of the most important American maps of the 19th century, a cornerstone to any Western collection.

Based on the surveys made by Fremont between 1842 and 1845, this map more than any other embodies the changes taking place in the American west in the mid-19th century. Born in 1819, John C. Fremont married Jessie Benton, the daughter of U.S. Senator Thomas Hart Benton, a fervent believer in Manifest Destiny.

Benton went to great lengths to promote the career of his son-in-law, obtaining Congressional funding for three surveys which would be led by Fremont, including the Oregon Trail in 1842, the Oregon Territory in 1844, and the territory between the Great Basin and the Sierras in 1845. While maps were issued following the first two Fremont expeditions, it is this map which synthesizes and integrates all available information of the area covered.

Condition: This map is in A condition and remarkably well-preserved for a folding map. Very light toning is present in places.

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