1906 Auvergne Lyonnais : Paris – Lyon - Mediterranee

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By: Frederic Hugo d’Alesi

Date: 1906 (edition) Paris

Dimensions: 40 x 28 inches (101.5 x 71 cm)

One of the last works by French painter and illustrator F. Hugo d’Alesi before his death in 1906.

This lithograph poster / map was created by F. Hugo d’Alesi to promote tourism by rail through the French Alps. The map extends from Moulins in the north to Clermont-Ferrand in the west, and Valence, Lyon, and Macon along the Rhone River in the East. The mountainous topography is illustrated with the use of color ranging from green river valleys to white mountain summits. Towns are connected by railroad lines, and auto routes, with proposed line and lines under construction noted throughout. A key below the map describes other line patterns and markings such as tunnels, mountainous road passes, secondary railroads, etc.. 

Condition: This map is in A condition, linen backed for preservation purposes.

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