1774 [Sea Chart of the Indian Ocean Including the Arabian and Persian Gulf]

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By: William Herbert

Date: 1774 (Published) London

Dimensions: 23.38 x 35 inches (59.4 cm x 89 cm)

A rare, untitled sea chart covering an immense expanse of the Indian Ocean.

William Herbert amassed a collection of manuscript plans and charts of East India ports while working as a purser’s clerk for the East India Company from 1738 to 1745. On his return to England, he realized the commercial value of his collection and set himself up in business as a map and print seller on London Bridge in 1748. He eventually published a number of maps as well as the important New Directory for the East Indies.

Published in 1774, this chart was the result of compilation of information gleaned from the documents in his collection. It provides detailed information regarding the coastlines of India, the Arabian peninsula, and ‘part of Africa’, including the names of islands, cities and ports, and depth soundings in areas of the Arabian Peninsula and on both coastlines of India. Such a chart would have been of considerable value to merchant fleets and other seagoing vessels.

Condition: This sea chart on heavy paper is in B+ condition with a slight centerfold roll, with fairly even toning. Slight wear at a fold line.

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