1672 Descriptio Nova Imperii Malabar, Canara, Decan; et Aliarum Provinciarum.

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By: Philip Baldaeus / published by Johannes Janssonius Waasbergen

Date: 1672 (Published) Amsterdam

Dimensions: 11.25 x 14 inches (28.6 x 35.6 cm)

This important decorative map is the work of Philip Baldaeus, a Dutch missionary in the Malabar and Coramandel districts of India.

Depicted here is the area from the southernmost region of India, extending as far north as Surat, including a portion of the Kathiawar Peninsula. Towns and cities are all noted along the coast line such as Mumbai (Bombay), Calicut (Calcutta) and Goa to name a few. Rivers are named and known topographical features delineated.

The map is oriented east, with the compass rose pointing to the left, and embellished with a distance scale on a plaque beneath measuring dividers and maps.

Condition: This hand colored map is in A condition. Slight darkening along the centerfold.

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