1949 BOAC World Air Routes

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By: E.O. Seymour

Date: 1949 (circa)

Dimensions: 20.5 x 30.5 inches (52 cm x 77.5 cm)

This bright and highly desirable decorative lithograph map was issued colored and folding (to 10.25 inches x 5.5 inches), and opens to the size indicated above. It was published at the request of the British Overseas Airways Corporation in association with a number of other airlines of that time.

One side of the map features the Eastern Hemisphere including Africa, Europe, Asia and Australia, while the opposite side features the Western Hemisphere includes the British Isles, Western Europe and Africa, Northeastern America and South America. Iconic pictographs of places, peoples, customs and traditions embellish both sides. In North America a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police is featured, as is a Hopi dancer in the southwest of America. A figure from Aztec architectural remains is featured in Mexico, while in South America a polo player, indigenous peoples and a man astride an ox are all depicted. Each continent is thus illustrated, reminding travelers of the wide diversity in cultures and of the myriad experiences to be had and interesting places and sites to be visited.

Condition: This folding map is in B condition with some separations of the centerfold and other folds. Minor foxing in places. 

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