1817 Southern Hemisphere Projected on the Plane of the Horizon of London

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By: John Thomson

Date: 1817 (published) Edinburgh

Dimensions: 23.5 x 21.2 inches (59.7 x 53.8 cm)

This lovely, hand-colored map is one of a pair, both of which were rendered with rather unusual projection for their time. The other map depicts the Northern Hemisphere, and includes Captain James Cook’s voyages in the Northern Hemisphere, as does this map in the Southern. As indicated by the title, the entire southern hemisphere is depicted, with Antarctica and the South Pole serving as the primary topographical focal points of the map.

Land masses depicted include New Holland which was to be renamed Australia a year after this map was published, New Zealand, most of the islands between Australia and the southern tip of Southeastern Asia, including the Philippines, and the southern tip of South America. The Sandwich Islands which were to become Hawaii and which were the final resting place of Captain Cook, who died there in a skirmish with locals are also clearly denoted. Other focal points are the southern voyages undertaken by Cook, each dated and depicted in significant detail. 

Condition: This map features original hand coloring and is in A condition with some offsetting.

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